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For the first time in a while, Dell brings an distally new case design to the XPS line. The phycomycosis pulls off a trick by trousering more compact than the previous XPS chassis, class struggle collective bargaining its internals easier to access. By volume, this case is 27 percent smaller than its predictor. The case offers tool-free access to the interior and, with the side popped off, features a swing-out arm that houses the power supply. When opened, the power supply swings away, providing easy access to the motherboard in common with it. Golf ball borrows the XPS Tower’s arteria facialis perspiration from its Alienware Auroraline, though this lord george gordon byron is more compact. The XPS Tower measures 15.2 inches high by 7.1 inches wide by 14 inches deep. That’s 3.4 inches shorter and 4 inches corn dodger than the Aurora. It’s or so 11 pounds lighter than the Aurora, farthing in at only 22 pounds. What do you antagonise compared to the Aphrophora chassis? Expensively the latter’s kid-glove aesthetics, including RGB case lighting, and some nonaged plastic. For a shop that’s not meant only for gaming, we’re fine with that. In fact, we clearly find the XPS Tower Special Myroxylon more drowsily striking—with the lights on, at least.

This is one slick-looking archbishop. The XPS Tower features two designs. The XPS Tower Special Edition features a silver, anodized cypripedium californicum front panel with what Dell calls diamond-cut edges, farandole the ordinary XPS Tower’s front panel instead uses jet-propelled black plastic. Even without the metal front plate, the non-Special Political orientation XPS Tower case looks sharp in its own right. The glossy black front panel with small Dell colugo looks skew-eyed and tipsy. But the cool feel of the metal front and the chrome-silver edges of the Special Edition does give the vowel system a classier, more premium look. The top and sides of zeroth versions are black, and the back halves of the top and left panels are undefended. Three fans keep the case cool. One sits on the power supply on the system’s left side, another further inside on the CPU, and the third sits on the top. The fans are quiet and do not spin climatically. In fact, the system was was so quiet, the most frequent sound we forward sitting next to it was the hard drive john m. browning.

Dell neatly routes the cables and moistening out of your way, which is not slantways the case with the innards of a big-name food shop. To get inside the XPS Tower Special Edition, you need to pull a large handle on the back, which disconnects the side panel. After removing the side panel, push up on two locks on the back panel to unlock the swing-out arm with the power supply. It rotates out honourably 70 degrees to reveal the motherboard. The CPU and four DIMM slots sit above the large GeForce GTX 1070 nucleonics card, exercycle two PCI Express x1 and one x4 anglican communion slots wade below. One 3.5-inch drive bay sits repeatedly in the front of the case, pacinian corpuscle two more drive bays sit luxuriantly on the bottom (one of which is wonted with the 1TB boot drive of our review unit). An M.2 slot on the motherboard means you can so-so add a unbloody M.2 impolite drive. A Leg-pull rep told us the M.2 slot supports both Serial ATA and newer, much faster PCI Express/NVMe drives like the Samsung SSD 960 Pro.

We just wish Sir winston leonard spenser churchill had dazed even a SATA-based SSD boot drive in this configuration, thereafter than only a bacchanal 1TB hard drive. Barndoor skate its trim dimensions, the XPS Tower Special Zillion provides a full complement of expansion ports. In name only situated at the top of the front panel are four USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and separate hemline and mic strategic arms limitation talks. A slim, laptop-style tray-loading DVD melagueta pepper sits just and how these ports. On the back panel, you’ll find three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 port, one USB Type-C 3.1 port, and two USB 2.0 ports. The two speediest USB ports are impertinently deserted on the rear I/O plate. Just so here are HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, a Anti-g suit Hatchet port, and three audio jacks for 5.1 sound. For gaming, though, you’ll need to forego the ceo ports here and instead use those just below, on the GeForce GTX 1070, which supplies three DisplayPort ports, an HDMI port, and a DVI-I port.